about mathematics olympiad training

Competition (or Olympiad) Mathematics test the ability of the child to think out of the box in solving Mathematical problems.  In most instances, students are also required to know a bit of Mathematics at a higher level.

Competition (or Olympiad) Mathematics for Primary school students in Singapore include the following offered by these top Secondary schools in Singapore.  Results of these competitions are increasingly becoming proxies for Direct School Admission applications to these schools and others.  Top scorers at both the HCI and RI Olympiads have been trained by the two respective schools to represent Singapore at the annual Po Lueng Kuk Maths competition in Hong Kong in July annually.

  • The Hwa Chong Math Olympiad (APMOPS)

The Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (APMOPS) is usually held in April (First Round) and the end of May (Invitation Round) annually at HCI campus.  The first round offers various individual awards for the child: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.  Students in the top percentiles are invited to the Invitation Round in May. During the Invitation Round, students compete with top overseas mathematics students to vie for 40 individual prizes.  Only Primary Six students may participate.  Registration is through the respective primary schools.

Website: http://www.hci.sg/aphelion/apmops/

  • The Raffles Maths Contest

The Raffles Institution‘s Primary World Mathematics Contest is usually held around March or April (First Round) and early May (Invitation Round).  Students in the top percentile in the first round are invited to the Invitation Round. Primary students of all levels may participate.  Registration is through the respective primary schools.

  • The National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore organised by NUS High School of Maths and Science

This competition is for to all Primary 4 and Primary 5 students.  Awards include gold, silver and bronze awards, and other top prizes.  There are also two rounds, the preliminary and the special rounds.  The competition is usually held in July.

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